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Meet a Real Escobar

Travel through the city stadium of Medellín guided by Felipe Escobar, nephew of late footballer Andres Escobar, local football hero who was in no way related to the druglord who was the prime suspect of his murder.

Mom's Home

Enter in Clara Campuzano's home, a mother that knew very well Pablo Escobar even though she never met him, thankfully. She lost two sons by his orders, one in the Avianca flight 203, and months after, the other one, killed by two of his hitmen.

The Escobar's List

Like Juan Gómez Martinez, who by that time survived several attacks of Escobar's attacks, when he was a candidate, when he was major, when he was leading the biggest city newspaper and when he was governor.

A Glimpse of Pablo's Life

Roberto Sarasty Obregón exposed Escobar's crimes several times, he was a journalist that fought for democracy. Today, Gustavo Sarasty, his son, is taking the fight to put the victims of the Cartel on the Spotlight.


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